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Updated: January 10, 2023

The Monticello Camera Club

Monticello, MN



Club Events

Committee Chairperson

Currently we have no active Events Committee.

Upcoming Events


Events Bucket List

This is where you will be able to view our 'Favorite Places to Shoot Bucket List'. It is in spreadsheet format and is READ ONLY. If you have additions/changes to make to this list, please email Jean Davids. You can also email the webmaster address listed on this page.

The bucket list has been compiled by our members. Listed are places that are either good locations our members have found to shoot photos or places that they would love to take photos someday. The goal will be to use this list to organize future club events or just for your own personal outings. With the help of our members, it will be continuously updated. Remember to contact Jean to make changes/additions.

Feel free to contact Jean Davids if you have an event that needs to be scheduled or ideas for events.

* Please note that only Monticello Camera Club PAID Members can participate in any club events *

Contact the Events Committee email address to learn more about how you can participate in any club events. We need to know who is interested so we can coordinate a meeting location and know the number of people attending.

Past Event Ideas



    Type of Photography


    Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis, MN

    Night, street, skyline

    The Broadway Street Bridge Minneapolis, MN

    Downtown skyline, Mpls

    off of I94 just NW of downtown Mpls

    Indian Mounds Park, Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood St. Paul, MN

    Downtown skyline, St. Paul

Note: This page will now be used to show Monticello Camera Club Events that are scheduled or being considered. It was formerly called Field Trips. Those items previously found on the Events page are now located either on the Training Page or the Links page. Training will include scheduled seminars or classes. Links has information on a variety of subjects referenced on other websites.



Matthew Breiter

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Breiter Photography

All images © photographers of the Monticello Camera Club.

The photographic works of the photographers posted here are copyrighted. Any reproduction of proofs or portraits by other than the individual photographer is prohibited by Federal Law.

If you experience problems with our website, please contact the webmaster.

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