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Updated: October 14, 2020

The Monticello Camera Club

Monticello, MN



Our monthly meetings for 2010 are held at River City Extreme in Monticello, MN. River City Extreme (bowling alley, sports bar, arcade, mini-golf) is located at 3875 School Blvd in Monticello, MN near where the Monticello Theater is located.

We appreciate River City Extreme allowing us to use their space. We currently meet in the dining room which is normally closed on Wednesday nights. Look for our group there. If you see a projection screen set up in the room you can be sure you are at the right location.

Because of our location, we have the opportunity to be served beverages and/or food at meetings as desired. River City Extreme has a full sports bar and is willing to send a waitress in at the beginning of each meeting to take orders if desired. We have asked for no interruptions after 7:15 PM however so that we can conduct the main topic of our meetings undisturbed.

The map below shows where River City Extreme is located. Clicking on this map will take you to their Contact Us page where you can see directions on how to find their building. It is located near where the Monticello theatre is located if that helps in knowing where it is.



Matthew Breiter

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Breiter Photography

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